TRADCON (Trading and Construction) has been solely managed by ENGR. MEROPE “JONG” B. BAUTISTA JR. Our main line of business is General Construction and along with that we are also engage in trading business of construction materials. We are agent of various construction materials supplied directly from the manufacturers. To give you a brief and concise view on the background of the company, TRADCON was originally conceptualized by OCW’s (technical people) from Jeddah K.S.A. since 1993. Who are very skillful when it comes to Modern Construction, Project Management, Interior finishing and Decorations, Landscaping, Electrical (High Voltage and Low Current), Electro Mechanical Works, Steel Fabrication and Construction, Computer Networking and Various Computer Installations and Maintenance complying with international standards. Most of the key management and staff have a good back ground in construction, renovation and modifications of Commercial buildings, Showrooms and fittings, Offices, Hospitals, Schools and Residential buildings. Successful projects were completed and established here in the Philippines. Unlimited and carefully selected skilled manpower are available with us to satisfy the requirement of the project.





Like the birds in the sky, they traveled in far lands to look for food. But always they come home to feed, guide, protect their young's and build nest as their home. The main objective and initial concept of this company was to help the people who worked abroad make an avenue to provide and build home of their own. Sometimes in 1993 a group of Filipino Christian who worked in Jeddah KSA, formed a core group among 7 brethrens, to conceptualize and setup a corporation named JJMARTE. Since all the members of the group were specialized in construction. We decided to make construction as the main line of the said business. The group conducted election and came out MEROPE "JONG" B. BAUTISTA JR. as the Chairman of the said corporation and the rest as members of the board of directors who were the initial investors also. But due to the worsening global economy, capital becomes so difficult to raise up to finance the said corporation. So the elected Chairman decided to make it as a single proprietor company named TRADCON TRADING & CONSTRUCTION and the said corporation was set aside and shall be studied again in the future together with the investors to refine its systems and business objectives.  


The management of this company believed that this company shall prosper, because this is Gods promise to all who believed in Him. Our key to success in the future is fairness and honesty to the clients. Aside from the successful projects here and hopefully later abroad who will give us a name in this field of business, customers satisfaction is always there as our guarantee to our future clients.